J.Ivy’s #NotOneDime Tribute Poem to Victims of Police Violence

By: J. Ivy

Over that street in decorations read:
Season’s Greetings,
Yes, we were greeted,
Re-introduced to untruths and injustice,
Crushed by the country we love,
Land of the free,
Home of the slave,
The place where skin tone is praised,
Or positioned for cells and graves,
In their eyes our value has been burned,
Media turns us in to victims and villains,
Show our victories!
Our valiant ways!
The countless days spent overcoming racism,
Habitual hatred…
The insanity is real,
That’s why it’s easy to kill and not feel nothing,
“He was just doing his job,”
We’ve been hurting for centuries,
We need to heal something,
Please, I’m begging you GOD,
Wash away the ashes stashed away in our cries,
Our lives are filled with heartache that’s been tattooed to our souls,
Our goal is to fight for our hints of joy,
Our young girls and boys,
But still,
Happiness is kidnapped,
And not given back,
Our ransom is another body,
Another baby,
Another future that’s become our past,
Locked away in the cages of our story,
Our story needs a new chapter,
We’re tired of our plot being plotted on,
Shifted by ulterior motives,
I wish something would have shifted when I voted,
Ballots don’t stop their bullets,
Tanks on the ground itching to pull it,
Ain’t got no choice but to live like we’re bulletproof,
Damn, could have easily been me,
Gunned down because someone didn’t feel I respected their authority,
We are the authority,
The people make the world go round,
We make this country spin,
From #BrownFriday to #CyberMonday let’s see what happens when…
We don’t spend.
When we don’t stand in lines,
Or go online,
Until we see some kind of justice,
Tell em…

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