Orlando Jones’ Ferguson Inspired ‘Bullet Bucket Challenge’

Over the last couple of weeks the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” was used to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and has raised more than $15 million in donations.

In response to the killing of Michael Brown and the protest in Ferguson, Missouri, actor Orlando Jones created his own bucket challenge to bring attention to the violence that exists in our world. In Jones’ video, he pours a bucket of shell casings, instead of ice water, over his head to represent all the lives that have been cut short because of violence.

In an interview with Fusion, Jones, a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association, explained his motive behind the challenge and why he became a member of the NRA. Jones said that when he was a child, a cross was burned on his front lawn, and his father carried a gun to protect his family.

“For me, I became a member [of the NRA] because I wanted to effect change in the organization. Do I share all of their ideals? No. I’m not a monolith in culture. I don’t agree with all black people on everything, either. I’m a complex person and I wanted to make that point,” Jones stated.

Jones also spoke about celebrities who have chosen to participate in the ice bucket challenge but have chosen to remain silent about what’s going on in Ferguson. “I don’t think this is the McCarthy era and we should be writing lists of who stood up and who sat down. It’s something I feel strongly about, but that doesn’t mean I’m a better person than anyone else. You’re looking into an American city and it looks like you’re looking into a war zone. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a city in the world look like a war zone, and to be fair, where was my voice then? So for me, it was like, I can no longer be silent,” Jones explained.


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