The Grammy ‘Heist’: Why Macklemore Really Won

The snubbing of Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy’s might have been the most disrespectful attack to hip-hop culture. When Macklemore won The Best Rap Album Grammy category, he immediately took it upon himself to apologize for “The Heist” on Lamar’s obviously deserved award.

I disagree with anyone choosing to make this a racial war; the real war is on rap music. The rap music I was born and bred on was defined by lyricism. Well, the apparent definition of rap must have changed somewhere along the way.

I respect Macklemore and his music. Nothing should be taken away from his talent, but quite frankly, they need to just create a new genre at the Grammys. While Macklemore is a very capable rapper, one of his better talents is crafting a catchy chorus. He has crossed the territory between pop and rap. Let’s just call it “rop” music.

The argument has been made that Seattle wonder boy Macklemore took it to the next level with his song, “Same Love,” supporting the Marriage Equality Act. I too support marriage equality and commend him for doing the same. However, I disagree that this should have earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Album. For those with short-term memories, Macklemore is not the first rapper to support gay rights, nor will he be the last. Just the year before, Frank Ocean took the same stand, earning him a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album of 2012.

Are we to assume that any rap artist openly supporting gay rights is now Grammy-bound? It totally corrupts two movements in one act. Not only does it typecast, and diminish the strength of the gay rights movement, but it attacks the revival of rap music, while making the Grammy’s look like a joke.

In truth, the Grammy’s never paid proper respect to rap in the first place, which is where one may begin to question race as a factor. In the end, this debacle has left everyone confused, because it is unclear who the main loser was after Sundays 56th Annual Grammy Awards Show. One thing is for certain, it sure wasn’t the west coast native son, Kendrick Lamar. He is the real winner, the true lyricist in my book.

Carlos Hernandez is currently a freelance journalist. He received his Bachelors Degree in Mass Media with a concentration in Journalism in 2012. He is currently residing in Washington, D.C. where he does video editing and photography in his spare time. He hope to one day achieve his dream of becoming a Sports Analyst for The National Football League.

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