Rising Star Tanya Dallas-Lewis Gets ‘Stellar Nods’

“In this musical landscape of gimmicks, fly by night gospel acts, and ‘inspirational’ music, Tanya Dallas Lewis is the real deal and is here to stay. So, if you’re looking for well-produced, powerful, gimmick-free gospel music with a real message and purpose, this CD is for you.” – Eric Thompson, Music Critic/ProducerBiography


From first listen the sound of Tanya Dallas-Lewis is angelic, uplifting and inspiring. Her current single “When He Calls Your Name” is taking the music industry by storm. Tanya Dallas-Lewis’ voice has enabled her to travel some very special roads.

From Amateur Night at the Apollo to the most notable political gatherings in our nation’s capital, her singing has entertained, empowered, and inspired. The daughter of a pastor who began singing in her father’s church, Tanya has been singing for as long as she can remember. From singing the National Anthem for Jesse Jackson and the Mayor of D.C. to sharing the stage with artists like Donnie McClurkin, Vickie Winans, Mary Mary, Kenny Lattimore, Richard Smallwood, and many more.

She’s appeared on three gospel CDs and has sung for the U.S. Army, BET, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the National Negro Council of Black Women. This summer, Tanya performed with Dr. Bobby Jones and the Nashville Super Choir for a live taping at the BET Soundstage in Washington D.C. She has recieved two “Stellar Nods” for the first round of the 27th Stellar Awards Ballot, and her music video for her hit song “Something About A Miracle” is in heavy rotation on BET. You can also catch her on The Word Network. The voice travels. Coming off of her successful career as an on-air reporter for the Ion Network, Tanya works in the music ministry at her church as a worship leader, a youth choir director, and a youth leader. She is a sought after choir director and music workshop presenter.

When you meet Tanya, you may feel like you’ve known her all your life. She’s warm, loves to laugh, and gets a kick out of going against the grain. She’s a rebel at heart [in a good way]! Tanya is married and has two little boys. She’s a down home girl who treasures family and relationships, and loves to sing from her soul.

Visit Tanya Dallas-Lewis’s website for more information about her work: www.tanyadallaslewis.com. Follow her on Twitter and LIKE her Facebook fan page.

What gave you the courage to pursue your music and sense of calling?

“My faith in God and the pushing of my friends/family are what gave me the courage. There is a saying that ‘some are sent, others just went.’ There is nothing like knowing that you are ‘sent’ and not just doing something because you love it, but because you are ‘meant’ to do it. Then, it is less about you and more about the gift that you have to share with others. When I sing, I sing from my soul, and I can feel God’s presence. My hope and prayer is that when I sing, you can feel and sense His presence, too. Now, just because you are meant to do it, does not mean that there won’t be roadblocks and setbacks and hardships. Quite the opposite. We are polished and shaped through adversity. The silver must go through the refiner’s fire before it can be used for its intended, most effective purpose. Pursuing your calling is not for the faint of heart. I’m a witness!”

What are your historical influences/ what traditions have shaped you as an artist?

“One very important tradition that has helped shape me as an artist is my involvement in the music ministry at my local church. Iron sharpens iron, and I learn so much about music and music theory/presentation and vocal techniques. I also learn how to get a long with people as well as keep my instrument [my vocal chords and my body as a whole] excercised and primed for good use. The most treasured thing that shapes/influences me as an artist is what I learn about God the Father. His creation of music and His plan and purpose of something so beautiful will never cease to intrique me! Talk about a ‘universal’ language! Music! Another tradition that will forever shape me as an artist is accountablity to my closest girlfriends–the one I had ‘before’ this journey in the music industry. Its easy to fall in love with the praise, accolades and applause. These girlfriends of mine can spot in me what I cannot yet see developing and pull my skirt-tail if I am gettimg ahead of myself [or getting the ‘big head’ as we call it!]. They remind me daily to stay close to the Lord in my walk with Him and that is easy to forget when you are so focused on the business aspect of the music industry. They remind me that just b/ca I work there [in the music industry] don’t mean I have to LIVE there! Ministry, not industry! That is my focus! Thank God for true friends!”

What contemporary sources of inspiration do you keep in rotation?

“Darwin Hobbs, Natalie Grant, Brandon Heath, Salah Jalajel, Judith Christie McAllister… these are just a few of the artists that help keep me sane! Growing up in church, and as a pastor’s daughter, I’d often hear the old church mothers say during testimony time, ‘I coulda’ lost my mind, but the blood of Jesus kept me!” I never quite realized the truth of that statement until I became an adult. Sometimes, the overwhelming burdens and circumstances of this life can leave your mind reeling. Alone time in prayer and intimacy through worship, often ushered in by some of the artists I mentioned above – you can’t put a price tag on that. They keep me inspired to keep pressing!”

What are you trying to create/ build? What do you want your legacy to be?

“I feel led to reach the people who are not quite sure what they believe about God. Even those who are not sure they believe in Him at all. The legacy I want to leave is for people to know that God is knowable! He does not intend to be a mystery! His love for us SHOUTS every new morning! I want to leave a legacy that our hope is in Him, not me, and not someone else who is less fortunate than you or I are! Our biggest need can only be met/found in Him, because our biggest need IS Him! Our ultimate destiny and purpose is a friendship with God. That blows my mind every time. Sometimes, I don’t even want to be friends with myself, and He desires to know us and be known by us. Hot diggity!”

Is there anything else you want to say to our readers?

“It is often said that God doesn’t put more on us than we can bear. I disagree with this whole heartedly, because the fact of the matter is, what God KNOWS we can bear – and what we THINK we can bear are two differnt things! I argue with God about this all the time! I’m a middle child, what can I say? “


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