A Fierce Femcee: Princess of Controversy



What do you get when you mix the lyrical style and flair of Lauryn Hill, the entrepreneurial marketing skills of Queen Latifah, the fierce theatrical presence of Angela Bassett and the gutsy-gritty sounds of Jill Scott and India Arie? The album SOUL-HOP and the ARTIVIST Princess of Controversy!

Since 2001, Princess of Controversy has been pounding the musical pavement, kicking the doors open with her own sound! Unique in its design, with a splash of funky rap, theatrical bravado & poetic flow (plus soul-tree vocals) it couldn’t just be called hip-hop, it had to be called SOUL-HOP. The debut title of Controversy’s sophomore album describes her true genre and her persistence to not let one art form confine her.

And how could she really? Princess has become known for her multiple talents. Self-described as the ARTIVIST, Controversy has carved a nitche for herself fusing the things that she loves most: theater, music, education and inspiration. What a combination! Most recently, Princess debuted her soul-hop musical stage play BREAKTHROUGH, a play about an artists’ journey to manifesting their own destiny. The ARTIVIST does just that by interweaving her sophomore album SOUL-HOP as the soundtrack for the production. She is also the playwright, director and the featured actor in the piece. See why it’s just too hard to fit Princess of Controversy in one box?

If you are new to Princess of Controversy music (the female POC for short), her debut EP album release, Personal Messenger, hit the ground running in 2004. Her hit single, Serenity, always leaves crowds singing and joining in! Princess can transcend from uptempo rhymes to serious storytelling songs like Innocence or Abused, wherein she raps about the innocence of being a child and also about that innocence being taken away from you. Her latest album hit “I’m Feeling Myself” proclaims that everyone realize just how “fly” they really are. More than a musician, Princess wraps hers music with “antidotes of wisdom, healing & inspiration.” POC says, “It’s all about feeling good on the inside and reflecting that light out!”

With that type of attitude, it’s no wonder that POC is always called upon to perform and host multiple events. She is heavily involved in media. Most notedly, Controversy appeared on the TV ONE reality series David E. Talbert’s Stage Black and HBO’s series THE WIRE. She also is the “voice” of the new 2010/2011 Ford Fiesta radio commercial that aired nationally on 236 radio stations worldiwde through the spring/summer/fall of 2010. Controversy freestyles a rap about the Ford Fiesta car while describing it!

Princess is also a national advocate for AIDS awareness, after losing her father to the disease in 1991. She affectionately goes by her given middle name Princess to pay homage to the man who named her years before and proclaimed she would be a “star.”

This femcee just continues to impact the community! She expands her artistry reach into education activism, teaching a variety of subjects from elements of music and stage technique to social development. In 2007, she co-founded ARTSPERTS Creative Arts Staffing Agency with DJ Monty, an artist staffing agency that finds/creates employment and resources for working artists. She also coaches artists in professional business development. For more information on ARTSPERTS, email artsperts@gmail.com.

Follow the Princess of Controversy on Twitter and join her Facebook fan page. For more information about her work: www.princessofcontroversy.bandcamp.com,


Princess on Inspiration

“People in general were my inspiration. The fact that I can help to inspire someone was enough for me. My father was always a person who championed whatever endeavor I was into and never taught me fear of anything so the courage was there and grew from when I was young. Anything I am passionate about, I go full force in, and I am passionate about 3 things: people, performance art, and life. I knew that I was not a 9-5’er very early on. It doesn’t suit my personality or creativity and I have to thrive in that area so for me it was very important to follow what I loved to do because I would not feel alive otherwise.”

Princess on Influences

“Life is a great teacher, so it’s my greatest influence because I am an observer and lover of it. My family in several ways have been influences on my learning and how I have become who I am. I had several role models growing up including teachers and mentors and was always involved in extracurricular programs. Performance wise and musically- I love Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Marsha Ambrosius, Monica, Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Eminem, NAS, Common, India Arie, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and so many others. I relate most to those who talk about their real experiences and their real life stories. I also love Christina Aguilera, Pink, Sade. I like all genres of music as long as I can hear it, feel it, and relate to it. Doesn’t matter if it’s Dolly Parton or Bob Marley.”

Princess on Legacy

“Well, I am patterning myself to be the Hip-Hop Voice of Inspiration and Motivation. I want to leave a legacy of being unique and effective in inspiring people to do more with their lives and to live out their purpose. I want my confidence to give courage to others to grow theirs and become what they are meant to. As a performer, I want to be remembered for people HEARING the words, the sounds, the music and being CHANGED in a remarkable way. I think if you can help someone else to stay inspired to live life, you have done something amazing. My talent is through speaking and the arts, so I use my purpose to the fullest.”

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