The DMV’s Anointed iNDIGO


“It is clear after hearing Breakthrough that iNDIGO is now more comfortable in her gospel music skin; a product of experiencing the wars of working in the music industry and building confidence in her faith. It is also clear to say with Breakthrough, which I highly recommend, that Jocelyn should secure a faithful radio audience and more opportunities to share her testimony to young people and all other age groups.” – Peggy Oliver, The Urban Music Scene


After years of songwriting and singing professionally; being a signed recording artist of Elektra Entertainment Group; opening up for national recording artists Ashanti, Mya, Destiny’s Child, Musiq Soulchild, and more; iNDIGO devoted her life to Christ in 2006 and as a result, left the world as she knew it behind to get engaged in fulfilling her true purpose for life.

After losing her father to lung cancer in 2007, iNDIGO began acting on several divine visions. That same year, she launched, a Christian-based website and fashion line where the motto is: “If it sparks a conversation about Jesus, it’s more than a shirt…it’s an opportunity!” The following year, she began using her vocal gift to build up others voices through her professional vocal coaching service, iNDIGO iNSPIRES LLC. During that time, she began recording her first Gospel album entitled, The iNDI1st Project Breakthrough which was released independently in September 2009. In 2010, she founded “The Bold & The Fabulous”; a faith-based blog site (, and “The Purpose Writers” ( which promotes writing as ministry.

In 2011, her purpose continues to reveal itself. As iNDIGO looks forward to the future that God has in store for her, she continues on her musical journey and metamorphosis as an artist. Be on the lookout for her sophomore project, Key To Life, coming soon.

Visit iNDIGO’s website for more information about her work:


iNDIGO on Inspiration

“I’ve been pursuing music for many years, even before I was born-again. But since that time, I’d have to say God gives me the inspiration and courage to do so. If I wasn’t living for Him, I wouldn’t want to be singing with Him at the forefront of my melodies. Acknowledging He gave me this gift gives me the duty to use it to glorify Him and lift up humanity with whatever words I am singing.”

iNDIGO on Music

“I keep Lecrae, Casting Crowns, and Ledisi in constant rotation. Their music represents the integrity of craft excellence. They each represent different genres of music (Holy Hip-Hop, Christian Contemporary, and Neo-Soul) but their passion for what they sing about is obviously real and that touches me beyond simply bouncing my head to a tight beat.”

iNDIGO on Legacy

“I want my legacy to be INTEGRITY. With all my heart, I strive daily to treat people with love and respect. I support people who are on positive paths… not because of possible payback or reciprocation, but just because it is what I love to do. My heart rejoices in the wonderful things going on in many people’s lives. I am also a person of my word. Reliable in nature. Every ministry, activity, or organization I’m a part of, I believe in and work to see succeed. I feel that all of these things are a reflection of the God in me.”


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