Trailer: ‘Ferguson Cover-Up’ to Look Into the Death of Mike Brown

A group of well-known activists, politicians, and producers have partnered on a new feature documentary film around the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The team partnered with Indiegogo to launch a crowd-funding campaign for their effort. 

Many local Ferguson leaders are signing on to the film in support. The neighboring mayor of Ferguson, Normandy Mayor Patrick Green has signed on to the film as Associate Producer. Rhea Willis, who was arrested last year during the protests and is a teacher in St. Louis has signed on to the film as well. Both were very close the situation last year and will be helping support the production’s ongoing investigation into the facts of the case.

“Ever since the death of Mike Brown, we knew we had to do something more for him. We are tired of listening to the current media narrative around Mike’s death, and saddened about the grand jury’s decision,” said Mayor Patrick Green.

“Our team has been watching the Michael Brown case very closely. We wanted to tell the true story that the public needs to hear. This has been an institutionalized cover-up,” said Rhea Willis.

The group has released a preview of the film today on their Indiegogo campaign page that goes through the prominent witness testimony and raises questions about Witness #40, and the grand jury investigation.

“This is a needed story. We believe the mainstream media has failed the public around this case. This film will present a counter-narrative to the popular understanding of what took place in Ferguson,” said Carmen Perez, who has also signed on as Associate Producer. Perez is the protégé of Harry Belafonte and Founder of Justice League.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock, who directed ‘The Youngest Candidate’ and is a frequent collaborator with Oscar winner Michael Moore, will direct and write the feature documentary. Pollock worked on ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ with Moore, and is also a co-founder of the Traverse City Film Festival.

“We don’t want to see this important story fall out of the headlines. Hopefully we can help push this case in the right direction a bit with this campaign and project,” said Pollock.

The production is already underway and the team plans to have the film out in festivals next year. 

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