Overboard- A Poem by Tyné Angela Freeman



By: Tyné Angela Freeman

For all of my brothers, the named and the nameless; your voices echo in our hearts and minds. This piece approaches the recent tragedies of police violence and racial profiling, drawing parallels with the innumerable casualties of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


This ship is lost at sea
We the People, trapped in transit
time-traversing refugees
dreams deferred, & then abandoned

has the weight of this great nation
forced your eyes toward the ground?
have you bent beneath the burden
of this skin, this shameless brown?

you walked alone in search of home
the journey wore you thin
brother, I’ll reach overboard
& pull you safely in

a generation echoes
from the depths of ocean graves
unnatural disaster,
& we wonder who’s to blame

we share this sacred oxygen,
we’re all trying to breathe
hands lifted in surrender
to a ruthless, raging sea

you walked alone in search of home
the journey wore you thin
brother, I’ll reach overboard
& pull you safely in

neatly sectioned city blocks,
triangles in the sea
this journey is amorphous,
changing shape by century

finally the compass found
we trace this chalk, our map
the shape of loss immeasurable
now etched into our path

these shackles will be silhouettes,
this voyage soon will cease
brother, take my hand
& Love will guide us through the deep


Tyné Angela Freeman is a vocalist, lyricist, and instrumentalist currently studying at Dartmouth College. She is a 2013 Young Arts National Finalist, and two-time alum of the Grammy Foundation’s GRAMMY Camp. At Dartmouth, Tyné participates in several musical ensembles, and is also interested in exploring the social and cultural impact of music and lyrics. Tyné is the recent recipient of the Peter D. Smith Arts Initiative Grant, and will be recording a full album during the Spring of 2015. You can follow her on Facebook. You can find more of her work  at Tyneangelafreeman.com or YouTube/tyneangela.

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