Listen: Christian Rapper Bizzle Responds to Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’

Christian rapper Bizzle recently responded to Macklemore’s hit song “Same Love.” RapRehab received the following statement and “Same Love Response” from Bizzle. Listen closely to the lyrics; we’re curious to hear your comments.


For a while now, the acceptance of homosexuality as the norm, has been pushed in the media. Recently on The GRAMMY’S, numerous same sex couples were married on stage as Macklemore’s “Same Love” song played as the anthem.

A song that also refers to The Bible as outdated. The media has used manipulation as a means to make ANYONE who disagrees with homosexuality seem “Intolerant” and “full of Hate”. Meanwhile the reactions from the LGBT community and its supporters often prove very intolerant of those with opposing opinions.

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