Letting Go of Jealousy – 7.25.12 In the Word Wednesdays


Urban Cusp in partnership with J Prophet, an independent recording artist, presents “In the Word Wednesdays.” #IWW is a weekly podcast seeking to tap into the transformative power of the Word in culturally relevant ways. J Prophet offers words of hope and Christian inspiration that empower us to meet life’s daily challenges.

Scripture: Exodus 34:14 (NIV)

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“Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”[/dcs_small]

Have you ever felt that someone was jealous of you? Or perhaps you have been jealous of someone else? No doubt there are times we feel that others may covet things we have, positions we hold, or power we possess. And of course we must be slow to deny that we have been jealous of others. When we haven’t quite met our goals, we become more susceptible of succumbing to jealousy directed at those who have reached heights we desire to reach. Jealousy sometimes seems to build and fester when others achieve our conception of success.

It may be completely irrational, but it is what it is. We may not have committed any wrong or mistreated anyone, but our triumphs may rattle the insecurities of another person. Or a person may not have done anything to us, but their accomplishments simply irk us.

But if we are jealous of other people, their things or achievements, their positions or status, God becomes jealous for us. Our jealousy is evidence of misguided focus often rooted in negligence towards God. This misguided focus then drives God’s desire for our attention, our commitment, our worship. God’s jealousy is not a sign of insecurity or anxiety, but of God’s unmatched protection and immeasurable love for us.

We are so quick to make idols out of materialism, entertainment, and relationships that we are easily led to chase things that take our focus off of the one who guides and sustains us. When we’re consumed by things, overwhelmed by situations, or clouded by distractions sometimes it’s best to just detach and grab hold of the hand that’s been reaching out to us, to respond to the one who is jealous for us.

Indeed, God has His hand on us. That is praiseworthy! He keeps His hand on us because he wants us. That is cause for celebration! Upon witnessing how much God loves us we may begin to let go of the jealousy we have of other people because we see how, in God, we have ALL we need. Letting go of jealousy requires grabbing hold of God’s enduring hand – reapplying our focus on Him who gives us strength and life. Let go and let God!

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Rodney "JP" Reynolds is a hip-hop artist and minister from Mt. Vernon, NY. His artistic and written content often reflect a perspective deeply concerned with issues of social justice and existential reality, especially as they relate to matters of faith. He is a graduate of Yale University where he earned his B.A in 2010 and M.Div. in 2013. Visit his website jprophetpap.com and follow him on Twitter @JProphetPAP.

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