Brooklyn’s MrJeffDess

“Do Not Hold Doors, like its author, is a force to be reckoned with, and I would highly suggest we do as its author suggests and take an analytical approach to the culture around us, and ‘do not hold doors’ thus halting the underground revolutionary movement.” – Castina Charles, Author


Jeffrey Dessources aka “MrJeffDess” is a writer, teacher, public speaker and emcee of Haitian descent straight out of New York City. Born in Jamaica, Queens, he has been filling up journals with rhymes, poems, thoughts and stories since the age of ten. MrJeffDess hit the poetic and leadership scene full force in 2001 at St. John’s University. Along with receiving a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature his career at St. John’s would mark the beginning of a journey towards a variety of literary genres and leadership types. His first collection of poetry do not hold doors (2006) addresses the challenges and issues experienced by younger members of a Post Soul Generation. His essays and poetry has also been published in journals and periodicals throughout the United States. Jeffrey has presented his work and lectured at a number of colleges and universities. He has also performed at poetry spots throughout the US. His second book of poetry Haiku from the Home of Reverend Mofo Jones (2008) is cultural critique visited through the poetic style of the haiku. Jeffrey is currently working as a higher education professional and teaching at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. His new book, “We Can See Your Privates,” is now available.

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MrJeffDess on Inspiration

“I am most inspired by the belief that one day my words will impact change to a large community of people geared up for development and forward progress.”

MrJeffDess on Writers

“I write 250-500 words on a nightly basis in an effort to keep my craft fresh. Whether it’s poetry, fiction or non fiction I am constantly writing. The people that keep me most inspired are people who are incredibly passionate about their art and skills. I support any genre that promotes active discussions of forward progress. I love rappers who aren’t willing to be the same. Writers who will take a chance at putting words together like no one before them. Painters who create imaginative images that will keep your mind excited are all the types of people I keep in the rotation.”

MrJeffDess on Legacy

“In 10 years I expect to be a leading voice of my generation through the use of literature. Using, poetry, fiction, nonfiction and more my words will be impacting my community on various game changing levels. I would like to be a part of a team of writers who make literature and reading a part of popular culture once again. I want to create a platform for writers to excel, educate and entertain like never before. I want my legacy to be known as one of the greatest writers to write for his people and his generation.”

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